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Employee Life-Balancing Program

U-livewell is a holistic
'Employee Life-Balancing Program'
aimed at creating success and well-being in working life.

Life balanceholds our worlds together

Yes, the much talked about “work-life balance”. It divides life into two separate categories: work and life. Like you, at U-livewell, we think this is outdated!

U-livewell does not see work and life as two mutually exclusive entities. These days, people move dynamically between work, family and friends, ‘me-time’ and leisure. Challenges in one area become the challenges in the others.

In today’s hectic world, the lines are blurred between our private and professional lives. Hence, it is vital to achieve a healthy balance. To nurture the ‘whole’.

We call this principle “life balance”.
Our Employee Life-Balancing Program was created for the purpose of helping companies and organisations attain greater life balance in their employees and build a happier and healthier workforce.
Das Employee Life-Balancing Program.

Today, significant self-discipline and focus is needed to meet the challenges of an extremely dynamic (working) world. An essential factor for this is psychological resistance, resilience.

This is precisely where
the ‘Employee Life-Balancing Program’ comes in:

U-livewell empowers employees to maintain and strengthen their resilience – and, thus, their performance.

They are aware of what they need to do to find balance. And what it takes to stay in it.

Again and again.

With resilience to the life-balance

Holistically, it's better

We all know the adage: “mens sana in corpore sano” – the healthy mind prefers a healthy body. That is why the ‘Employee Life-Balancing Program’ aims to strengthen mind, body, and soul.

With our holistic program, we provide a range of easy-to-use practical tools and exercises for every day – and every life situation. With a long-lasting effect.

U-livewell. Works well!

U-livewell. Works well!