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For employees with passion and energy.
For companies that move people & markets.

Employee Live-Balancing Program


U-livewell is a completely new concept.
It provides answers to the challenges of the working world today: Cost and time efficient. It is high quality, with a personal touch and lasting effect.
For the right balance. For performance and well-being.

For your success in business.

Products & Services

Developed from resilience research, the program contains a mix of holistically strengthening trainings, tools and knowledge for mind, body, and spirit. Practical and digital. Quick to start. And easy to integrate into everyday life.

U-livewell offers a variety of life-enhancing tools from a single source.


At home in Austria. At home in the business world.
At U-livewell, the founder and his team of experts are familiar with and understand the modern business world.

They know what it takes to create the healthy balance for success.

U-livewell. Works well!