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Employee Life-Balancing Program

At home in Austria. At home in the business world.
Our team of experts are fully trained and understand the modern business world.They know what it takes to create the healthy balance for success.


For a Healthy & Resilient World

Comes from Wanting.

A fascination with sustainable, healthy growthis what drives and motivates Korayem Razik, the founder of U-livewell: “I want to help people and companies, achieve personal and economic growth in today’s dynamically-demanding business world”.

So, it is no coincidence that the company of the same name, U-Grow, is the ‘mother’ of all his entrepreneurial activities. And U-livewell is dedicated to balance and personal growth in working life.

Korayem Razik is a citizen of the world, with Egyptian roots. Following years of education in Germany, today he is at home in the economically lively central region of Upper Austria.

A lot of travel, planning, time management, self-discipline and responsibility. All this has made Korayem Razik the successful executive and managing director in international companies. Yoga, mental training and fitness training have always brought him back into a good energy balance.

About the Founder.

The World
of Business
and Balance

About the vision.

Inspiration is Program

He was inspired to develop a training program that strengthens mind, body and spirit and has a holistic effect. It should be compatible with the digital working world yet still be personal.

His inspiration is for real.
The Employee Life-Balancing Program.

Korayem Razik has put together a team of experts with a lot of intuition. They all know what it takes to create the healthy balance for success.

They all believe in living well.

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U-livewell. Works well!