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Employee Life-Balancing Program

U-livewell is a holistic new concept.
It provides answers to the challenges of the working world today. Cost and time efficient, it is high quality, with a personal touch and lasting effect.
For the right balance between performance and well-being. For success in the business world.

Success on all levels.

Who Benefits from the U-livewell
Employee Life-Balancing Program?

... National and International Companies

of all sizes with a progressive mind-set. Whether a new start-up, traditional family business or international group with subsidiaries all over the world.

Our services are suitable for companies and organisations that want to attract talent, support valued employees or just position themselves as employer of choice.

... Employees

who are interested in learning new ways to support a more balanced daily (working) life. Those that would like to bring mind, body, and spirit into harmony, in order to go take on life with more energy, stamina and resilience. The Employee Life-Balancing Program is ideal for all age groups and can be adapted to any fitness levels.

All those who want to develop and grow will benefit. Perhaps even grow beyond their expectations of what is possible!


for Sustainable Success.

Valuable benefits.

What Do Companies Gain from the Employee Life-Balancing Program?

Resilient employees,

that approach challenges and meet them with enthusiasm and commitment.

Guaranteed effectiveness.

The program is based on current resilience research – and success is determined using expert analysis.

Increased workplace stability and reduced turn-over of staff.

Through satisfied and loyal employees.

Increased focus

and attendance of employees, at the workplace or in the home office. Instead of absenteeism and presenteeism.

Efficient cost and time management in education and training.

The digital program is inexpensive, convenient yet highly effective.

Resource-saving and simple processing

for management and HR managers. From one source, one program for the mind, body and spirit.

Creating a more attractive employer brand.

The company will find it easier to attract top talent with this modern training program.

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U-livewell. Works well!