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The Big Days!


These are the recorded session for the Big Family Event: THE BIG DAYS! You could watch it together with your partner or family. You can cook together and work out together and listen to the mental talks together.

IMPORTANT: Would you please watch The Big Days videos in 2 consecutive days?

Day1 supposed to be on an evening after work
Day2 must be a day off for you

THE BIG DAYS! contains essential information which you need to learn about the basics of healthy nutrition, Movement & Balance & mental training.

Important: Shopping Grocery - List

Here you will find the groceries needed so that we can cook together in the sessions.

Why are we starting the BIG DAYS with a relaxation class?

We would like you to switch off totally and get ready for the big days after the day you had. It’s a preparation for all the excellent information and time you will have during the BIG DAYS.

What should I wear during the BIG DAYS?

Please wear comfortable clothes with which you could do sports or some training live as we are starting from the 1st hour with our Movement & Balance.

Day 1

after work -
preferred the day before a free day

Day 1

Unit 1 | M&B® Relaxation & Self Care

Start directly after work

Duration: 23 minutes

Day 1

Unit 2 | Online dinner cooking workshop

simple healthy dinner to end your day & explanation of food plan with units and micro & macro

Duration: 53 minutes

Day 2

Choose a free day

Day 2

Unit1 | M&B® Full Body Workout

after you wake up

Duration: 14 minutes

Day 2

Unit 2 | Healthy breakfast for your working day - talk about nutrition

after your workout

Duration: 20 minutes

Day 2

Unit 3 | Talk about Resilience


Duration: 19 minutes

Day 2

Unit 4 | Stress-Management Workshop

after the resilience class

Duration: 47 minutes

Day 2

Unit 5 | Your healthy lunch snack

for your day at the office

Duration: 15 minutes

Day 2

Unit 6 | Mental Training Workshop (Time-Management)

before your evening workout

Duration: 30 minutes

Day 2

Unit 7 | Live M&B® Class
Happy Heart & Healthy Back

before cooking dinner

Duration: 29 minutes

Day 2

Unit 8 | The most critical nutrition session: Online cooking workshop

for a simple healthy dinner with essential tips for your nutrition in the office

Duration: 60 minutes

Great Job!

After finishing the classes, you will be ready to use the STAY BALANCED! Toolkit
in the coming year.

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